More Aggressive Styling Ahead for Honda Civic

No matter how good something is, there will always be those who strive to make it bigger, faster, and better. In the auto industry, however, drastic change to popular model can be a huge risk. For several decades now, the Honda Civic has kept its hold over compact car consumers, largely due to the dependability and strong brand backing. But recently, our sources have given us reason to believe that the new 2013 Civic model will see some dramatic style changes.

In a review by AutoGuide, it was noted that the Civic Si needed "an injection of testosterone."1 Other Honda followers have brought up the model's basic and plain-looking design. In a meeting between high executives at Honda and West Coast Honda Dealers, complaints such as these were looked at. And while the automaker certainly could ignore these comments, it's looking like Honda has been listening, and will be responding accordingly. The 2013 Civic is expected to hit the market near December 2012, so that designers have enough time to develop a fresh look for consumers.

Until that time, University Honda happily carries the current Honda Civic along with other new Honda models. Unlike previous variants, the 2012 Civic holds a new Intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) which allows drivers to connect with their car. In addition, it has an extra 1.6-inches of leg room, a shorter wheelbase for increased agility, and a noteworthy 20 to 58 pound drop in weight (depending on trim and options).

While the 2012 Civic is not the powerful, aggressive machine you may see in 2013, we ask you to think twice about this years model. According to AutoGuide, Honda unloads more Civic models per year within our borders than Volkswagen, Chrysler or Mazda sell cars. It is noted that these automakers and others are pumping out redesigns left and right simply to try and pry Civic fans away from their trusty vehicle!

Interested in seeing for yourself? University Honda, located at 4343 Chiles Road, Davis, CA, 95618, invites you to stop by for a test drive. Also, feel free to contact us online with any questions you may have.

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