Honda Has Huge Plans for This Year

Though the recent natural disasters in Japan (including a tsunami, earthquake, and flooding in Thailand) may have interfered with production and new Honda offerings for a while, Japanese automaker Honda wants to announce to the whole world, "I'm back!"  The company is back up-and-running, and will be offering refreshed versions of its top three best-sellers in the U.S. for the 2012 and 2013 model year: the Honda Civic, the Honda CR-V (for the 2012 year), and the Honda Accord.

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New Honda Accord Set to Preview This Month

Okay, readers, we know you're all in love with the new 2012 Honda Accord, but that also means you'll be excited to know that a ninth-generation Honda Accord will be debuted this month at the Detroit Auto Show. The new Honda Accord will be a fresh coupe concept of the classic favorite. Honda says the concept will convey the vibrant and aggressive profile of the next Accord for the U.S. market set to go on sale in late 2012.

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