Engine Technology has 2013 Honda Accord Drivers on Cloud Nine-- Is Civic Next?

When it comes to the 2013 Honda Accord, our Sacramento area auto enthusiasts have a tough time pinpointing what makes the top-selling sedan so great. While many argue it's its onboard technologies or its sophisticated styling or even its comfy cabin, we at University Honda see no competition. It's the heart that pumps life into the rest of the Accord's auto parts that ultimately wins over our own hearts.

Obviously we're referring to the sedan's offering of Honda's innovative Earth Dreams technology under its hood. The auto brand launched its highly-advanced 2.4-liter and 3.5-liter Earth Dreams engines in the all-new Accord model last year. Since its introduction, it has demonstrated its ability to enhance fuel-efficiency without sacrificing the vehicle's power and performance. The group of technologies is able to achieve such a balance by improving thermal proficiency while diminishing friction.

The Accord's standard 2.4-liter enriched engine, for example, uses variable timing control and direct injection technology resulting in a 5 percent boost in fuel efficiency and output as well as a 10 percent increase in maximum torque. Interested in learning more about each of the Earth Dreams engines and their benefits? Navigate to Honda's new website, (http://world.honda.com/EarthDreamsTechnology/index.html) aimed to inform drivers about its revolutionary power plant offerings as it grows in popularity and becomes available on more new Honda models.

In fact, the word on the street is the automaker has its eyes set on its other well-liked sedan, the Civic, for its next Earth Dreams-equipped model. After seeing what the technology has done for the 2013 Accord, in terms of performance and efficiency as well as popularity among drivers, we would warmly welcome a revamped Civic to our dealership in Davis, CA. Of course, we'll continue updating our blog with the progress of this Earth Dream becoming a reality.


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