Bring Home to Mom: Honda CR-V Named "Best Family Car"

When it comes to cars and Sacramento area families, you're in the right hands at University Honda. Our crew of experts can help you pick out a new vehicle to accommodate your own crew while our handy service and repair center can solve your auto issues in a jiffy, because we know car problems just don't fit into a busy family's schedule. Our focus on families is evident in lineup we offer, which features not one or two, but three of's "10 Best Family Cars of 2013."

The auto experts behind the credible Kelley Blue Book's official website were in agreement that the 2013 Honda CR-V, in particular, embodied its "Best Family Car" qualifications of safety, roominess, comfort, and value.

  • Safety: The CR-V is recognized by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as a "Top Safety Pick" and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the Honda five out of five stars for an Overall Vehicle Score. Both praised the crossover's frontal and side impact protection, as well as roof strength.
  • Roominess: Despite its compact appearance, the CR-V offers a surprising amount of interior space. Even with the rear seats up, parents can enjoy plenty of places to store anything from groceries to gear for the kids' summer camps within the Honda's 37.2 cubic feet of cargo.
  • Comfort: Between trips to school, grandma's, and the destination for the annual family vacation, comfort for you and your children is a cherished characteristic and there's no shortage of it with the Honda CR-V's upscale interior and an abundance of legroom.
  • Value: Out of all the "Best Family Cars" listed, the CR-V achieved the highest 60-Month Residual Value. With our auto loan or lease options, we make the wiggle room for you and your family budget.

All these features and more are available at your fingertips when you stop by our dealership in Davis, CA for a test drive of the CR-V or  another family-friendly Honda model honored by the 2013 Accord and Odyssey.


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