2015 Honda Fit Parallel Parks with No Issues

There are certain things we will never quite understand like modern art and Miley Cyrus. Then there are some things that we not only don't understand but are so bitter over its creation that wish we could go back in time, meet whoever invented it and smack them. "No," you yell while stomping back into your time machine.

This is where parallel parking comes into play because if there is anything worse than having to backup and squeeze between two cars than maybe having to do it amongst heavy traffic.  We drive that extra mile, pay extra money and do anything we can to avoid having to park on the curb.

So since we haven't yet gotten our hands on a time machine, Honda has come out with its own way to simplify our lives with the 2015 Honda Fit. Its compact size coupled with its features like Multi-Angle Rearview Camera and Honda LaneWatch, the Honda Fit makes us not only good at parallel parking but masters of parallel parking.

The Davis region can start parking right today at University Honda.

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