How to Change Your Car's Transmission Fluid

Of course, you realize the importance of changing the oil and filter of your car at the appropriate mileage. But, it's also essential to change the transmission fluid in your Honda to ensure the car continues to run well.

Check your Honda Owner's Manuel to determine the correct mileage to change your transmission fluid. You can also visit the automotive website, Edmunds which maintains an extensive database of car maintenance schedules.

We should point out that it's essential that you use Honda's own transmission fluid. Other brands and synthetic fluids could cause damage to your transmission.

So, you've got your Honda transmission fluid, but don't exactly know where it goes. We've got you covered. Check out the video below to learn how to change your car's transmissions fluid.

It's almost as easy as changing your windshield wiper fluid. Of course, the process will vary depending on the specific car.

Don't feel comfortable changing the transmission fluid on your own? Please schedule an appointment with the Service Center of University Honda at our Davis, CA dealership.

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