Celebrate Your College Graduation with a New Honda

Are you a soon-to-be college graduate that's been faced with the embarrassment of showing up on a first date behind the wheel of your mom's old minivan? While driving a minivan does have its silver linings, we can understand if that's not your vehicle of choice when picking up a date. That's why, at University Honda, we're here to help get you overcome the minivan blues. All you have to do is get through these first few steps:

1. Have a 5% down payment ready to go.

2. Bring us your proof of employment or a commitment of employment from your future employer.

3. Show us that you've graduated within the past 2 years or will graduate from college in the next 6 months.

4. Come prepared with all the credit and documentation requirements.

Sounds much simpler than bringing your date home to meet mom and dad, right? And, as an added bonus, buying a new Honda will not only impress your date and your parents, it will also help you build your credit score. So, not only will you be graduating from mom's minivan to a brand new Honda, you'll also be setting yourself up for the future. If you're still in need of some convincing, check out what Honda's GradDad has to say:

If you have questions about the College Grad Program, give our Finance Department a call at (866) 980-5652 or stop by our showroom in Davis, CA. Remember, graduating college is a big deal. Treat yourself!

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