Honda Odyssey becomes first-ever minivan to feature built-in vacuum

There are two types of people who walk into our Honda car dealership in Davis, CA. First, there are the meticulously clean car-owners who keep their vehicles looking just the way they did when they drove off the lot. Then, there's the polar opposite. No need to explain. That said, our team at University Honda has good news. Our new Honda Odyssey comes complete with an available built-in vacuum, so when the peanuts and the french fries go flying in the backseat, you don't have to sweat it. Check it out.

It's the first minivan ever to feature an available built-in vacuum. Pretty neat, right? (Get it?) For the on-the-go family and the neighborhood carpool clan, the Honda Odyssey is the perfect solution to backseat chaos. The good news is, there are plenty of fantastic new features within this award-winning minivan to keep the drivers cool, calm and collected behind the wheel no matter the chaos happening in the second and third rows. Sound like a plan? It's time you visited our dealership in Davis, Ca today.


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