Celebrate 40 Years of the Accord in America at University Honda

Can you believe it was 40 years ago this past June that the 1976 Honda Accord rolled onto the streets of America and began causing a stir? Back then, the Accord was slightly different than it is today: a two-door hatchback with a small wheelbase. Okay, so the first American Accord was way different than it is now, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the vehicle’s popularity. Back in the late-1970s, the Accord’s reliable performance and incredible fuel economy—remember, this was an era of big, heavy cars, and the Accord was anything but big or heavy—put the Accord on its pathway to stardom.

Over the next four decades, the Honda Accord would make Car and Driver’s annual 10Best list 30 times, including again this year with the 2016 Honda Accord. And even though today’s Accord models are not available in a hatchback body style, there are nonetheless some pretty impressive options. The 2016 Accord Sedan, Accord Coupe, and Accord Hybrid Sedan are all available for purchase or lease at University Honda in Davis, California.

What’s beautiful about the Accord is even if you buy a 2017 model today, ten years into the future when we are celebrating the Accord’s 50th anniversary in America, your 2017 model will still be running just as strongly as the day you bought it. That is the magic of the Honda Accord and the secret to its 40 years of success in America.


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