The Art of Saving Money in a Civic

It doesn’t matter which of the three great Civic models you choose. From the iconic Civic Sedan to the sporty Civic Coupe and the modern Civic Hatchback, all Civic cars deliver outstanding performance capabilities on the back of an efficient engine setup that highlights the best of Honda ingenuity and engineering. The economic benefits of fuel efficiency, in particular, are seemingly straightforward. The more miles-per-gallon of driving a car does, the better it is for your budget because of reduced fuel costs. But is it just gasoline that we’re saving money on? When you’re buying gasoline in Davis, where do you go? The answer is to a gas station of some sort. Now, here’s the real question. How often do you go to a gas station and buy only gasoline for your car? Really? You didn’t pick up that bag of chips, that slurpie, those scratcher tickets, and whatever else? That’s what we thought. But now think about this. You’re driving a new Civic, and thus visiting the gas station far less often. So are you only saving money on fuel costs, or are you saving on gas station purchases, as well? That is the art of saving money in a Civic.

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