Synthetic or Conventional Oil?

The average frequency of when to change the motor oil in your car is between 3,000 to 5,000 miles. You may also notice that having your oil checked is often stressed by your mechanic because it helps your vehicle's engine run and would save you hundreds of dollars. Not only do you need to have your oil changed, but you also need to have the right oil in your car. There are two basic types of oil for your engine; one type is synthetic oil and the other is conventional oil.

Synthetic oil is a lubricant that made of artificially produced compounds. Chemists, scientists, and engineers create the controlled ingredients of this type of oil made from petroleum compounds. Known as the most expensive type of oil, it is the best option for conditions such as extreme weather conditions, stop and go traffic, and short trips. Even though this is the most recommended kind of oil, not every car may require it.

Conventional oil is sufficient for many vehicles and recommended for late model vehicles, commuting, everyday driving, and vacation driving at cruising speeds. This oil, mixed with chemical additives to enhance base oils, comes in a variety of and qualities and viscosity grades.

To find out what the best oil is for your car and when to change it call our service center at (530) 758-8770 and speak with any of our talents team members.


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