Why The Brake Inspections?

Brakes wear out; it's as simple as that. Brake parts rub against each other, causing wear. Because of this wear, your brakes need to be inspected for wear and adjusted if need be. At times, they may need to be repaired or replaced. As part of your braking system, the fluids used to produce the power to the brakes also must be measured and topped off. That system, too, needs to be inspected on a regular basis.
As part of your automobile's warranty agreement, you must keep a regular schedule of maintenance on your brakes, usually every twelve thousand miles or six months. This will vary with type of vehicle and brakes, make, model, and driving conditions.
In order to protect your life and the life of your family and other drivers, ask your dealer's authorized technician to inspect your brakes. Never allow an unauthorized technician inspect your brakes. This could be dangerous, and invalidate the warranty on your vehicle.
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