For Safety, the Honda Sensing™ Technology That’s Offered with the 2017 Honda Civic May Enhance Your Security

For assistance with your security while traveling, the Honda Sensing™ system gets offered with the 2017 Honda Civic. If you are considering acquiring a car, this option may be ideal for its offered safety amenities. There are numerous aspects included in the Honda Sensing™ technology, as well as other features, that may enhance your driving experience.

When you start driving your 2017 Honda Civic, the offered Honda Sensing™ technology is there for multiple driving circumstances. For example, if you happen to drift into another lane unintentionally, the offered Lane Keeping Assist System can assist you. The feature will stabilize the position of your car if you sway into another lane without putting on your turn signal. This feature, along with the available Adaptive Cruise Control, can help to avoid possible collisions. The Adaptive Cruise Control feature can help keep your vehicle at a safe distance between you and another vehicle by keeping a safe interval between you and the car in front of you depending upon your speed.

While the safety features mentioned above may be promising, there is still a lot more to explore with the 2017 Honda Civic. See us today in Davis, CA, at University Honda, and check out our alluring 2017 Honda Civic inventory!


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