Emergency Roadside Kits Can Help You When You Need Assistance

When you are out on the road we may be very vulnerable. Vulnerable to a lot of outside influences. Whether it's accidents on the highway, or you slide on the road due to wet or other harsh weather conditions and then, of course, natural disasters that can happen. Having an emergency kit is very much essential because all of these things can happen and we can't control whether or not it will happen. You should consider having these items in your kit to help you while you're alone, while help arrives.

You should have:

A first aid Kit

Empty gas can (in case you run out of gas)


Air compressor

Jumper cables

Multi-purpose tool

Flares (if you don't have flares you can always use glow sticks)


This list is to give you an idea of what you can put in your roadside emergency kit because you really should consider having one to be able to handle different situations, not just for yourself but for your family. It's better to think and plan ahead. Also plan ahead by having routine service here with us at University Honda in Davis, CA.

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