Remember these Common Dashboard Warning Lights

Dashboard lights are designed to alert any issue within the system of your car. As a rule of thumb, some vehicles will show some warning lights while others will show more warning displays on startup. Luxurious cars will show warning lights accompanied by text telling what action to take. Some of the typical dashboard lights include:

  • Battery/charging alert. It indicates that the charging system has a problem, and the battery voltage level is below standard. Some of the areas that need to be inspected include the alternator, battery terminals, and the connections. If there isn’t immediate inspection, your car may lose the electrical power.
  • Airbag Indicator. It indicates that the airbag system has a problem.
  • Seatbelt Reminder. It merely reminds someone to buckle the seatbelt.
  • Low Fuel Indicator. The warning light shows that the vehicle is running low on fuel.

The warning lights can result in severe damage if there isn’t proper attention and inspection of the car. If some of your warning lights don’t function properly, you may contact our team at 4343 Chiles Road for assistance.

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