Seasonal Maintenance Saves Time and Money

Seasonal vehicle maintenance will save you money. Having your vehicle maintained on a regular basis will have your engine running well, brakes functioning and keep your vehicle on the road.

Seasonal maintenance is simple, inexpensive and won't take long at University Honda. Before colder weather approaches, have your battery strength checked. If it is low, or if your battery is three years old or older, have it replaced. A battery that old will become unreliable and could leave you stranded. If your mileage dictates, get your oil changed as well as your filters. Be sure your belts are in excellent condition. Vehicle belts that are cracked or breaking will get worse in colder weather. Also, make sure your headlights are working well and are bright enough at night.

Seasonal maintenance provides peace of mind when winter arrives and will save you time and money. Call us today for an appointment.

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