Warning Signs the Hoses and Belts in Your Vehicle Might Fail

The hoses and belts on the engine all must be working in a peak state or the car could overheat and many parts could fail. These are some of the warning signs the belts and hoses may be failing.

The belts on the engine power up parts like the fans and water pump, and need to be in top working condition or they will slip or break. Before they do, usually the belts will make a loud squeaking sound or show signs of cracking and splitting.

The hoses throughout the engine move coolant to various parts, and if they fail, the parts throughout the engine could too. The hoses will appear bloated or have soft spots right before failing, and can have cracks in the rubber too.

If your vehicle has belts or hoses that appear to be failing, visit University Honda and we can inspect the system and replace any that have signs of failing.
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