Replacing Your Cabin Air Filter Improves Your Air Conditioning

There is nothing worse than driving on hot and humid day with your cars AC system struggling to keep you cool. No matter how low you set the temperature, or how high you set the blower, it can seem like it just isn't working properly. Often this is cause by a dirty or poorly working cabin air filter. This is an easily replaceable part that we are happy to service for you here at University Honda in Davis.

The cabin air filter takes the air from inside your cabin or from the outside environment and helps clean it before being recirculated through your vehicles cooling system. If it is dirty the air flow will be greatly reduced and slowed down, drastically hurting the effectiveness of the system.

If you find yourself sweating more than usual because your car is struggling to keep you cool, schedule an appointment with at University Honda today. A simple filter change may be all that is needed to help keep you cool.

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