Safety Guide for Dealing with Roadside Emergencies

Not being prepared during a roadside emergency can make a bad situation a deadly one. Preparation is the key to success when it comes to dealing with a disabled vehicle.

If you have a set of road flares, set them further away from the car than you think. You want drivers to be able to stop long before they get to the disabled vehicle.

Leave your headlights on at night if the car is disabled. Turn on the blinkers or flashers, anything to alert drivers the car is not moving.

Call 911 and stay put. Too many drivers wander off and get injured. Stay with the car until help arrives.

In the event you experienced a blowout, ride the car on that rim for the few feet it will take to get the vehicle to a safer spot.

Our crew here at University Honda wanted to share this safety guide with our local community.
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