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Is your exhaust leaking? Here's what you need to know

Your car's well-being is important. It's vital that you make sure you're taking the necessary steps to keep it in great shape. Things like oil changes and maintenance checks are important, but so is ensuring that your car's other problems are resolved right away. If you have leaks, for example, it's important to get those fixed.

Many car owners don't realize they have an exhaust leak right away. If you have an older vehicle, you might ignore problems and brush them off as a sign of age....

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SUVs are now much sportier and much more functional than ever

For people in the market for an extremely high-quality, durable and reliable new or used vehicle, an SUV may be a terrific option. Once considered just larger, plain gas-guzzlers that were much more functional than sporty or fun, the times have really changed.

Today's new and recent model SUVs are much sportier than early models. Terrific for families or groups up to 7, they provide much more cargo space than standard sedans. They are now much more fuel efficient, with some models exceeding 30 MPG....


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Make the Smart Choice with Summer Tires

As temperatures continue to rise during the warm summer months, it is important to consider the type of tire that your vehicle is sporting. Also known as performance tires, summer tires are designed to be used during the warmer months of the year because they provide optimum traction in both wet and dry roads. Because they perform better in the rain, summer tires are a smarter choice during the summer when rain is more common than snow or ice.

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Performance of Car Batteries Under Extreme Conditions

The typical automotive battery has a theoretical rating of 12 Volts. In the real world, several factors prevent the battery from performing at optimum levels. Hot and cold temperatures drastically reduce the capability of a battery to generate the desired amount of electrical current.

The cold cranking amps (CCA) is a parameter that's perhaps more important than the actual voltage rating. 

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Explore the Latest in Honda Accord Inventory for a New Twist on this Dependable Sedan

Drivers can explore our inventory of all-new Honda Accords at University Honda in Davis when looking for a reliable sedan with the features you need to take on the day. Visit us to experience the latest in this reliable Honda model series, complete with active safety features and communication technology that brings the Honda sedan you know to the next level.

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Explore the Exclusive Clarity Electric at University Honda

Davis area drivers can explore select all-new Honda inventory at University Honda. Test drive the exclusive Clarity Electric sedan models that generates an 89 EPA range in a single charge. When you’re looking for the latest in fuel-efficiency from Honda, University Honda has it as one of six dealership in Northern California to offer this exclusive…

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When It's Time to Have Your Transmission Serviced

The transmission on your vehicle generally doesn't need a ton of maintenance beyond checking the fluid to make sure there hasn't been a leak. You should have your transmission fluid topped off when you get routine oil changes. Transmissions generally don't need to be serviced until 100,000 miles or unless you are experiencing a problem.

If your vehicle doesn't go into gear as it should, or isn't accelerating fast enough, this could be a problem with your transmission. When your engine makes a knocking sound while driving, this could mean you need to have…
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Warning Signs the Hoses and Belts in Your Vehicle Might Fail

The hoses and belts on the engine all must be working in a peak state or the car could overheat and many parts could fail. These are some of the warning signs the belts and hoses may be failing.

The belts on the engine power up parts like the fans and water pump, and need to be in top working condition or they will slip or break. Before they do, usually the belts will make a loud squeaking sound or show signs of cracking and splitting.

The hoses throughout the engine move coolant to various parts, and if they fail…
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What Do You Need When Changing a Flat Tire?

Flat tires are dangerous. Since 2008, auto manufacturers have included tire pressure sensor systems in their products. These sensors, however, are not the complete answer and will not guard you against ever having a flat tire. There are some extra items beyond the specific items used for changing tires that you should always carry, just in case of a flat.

Other than a spare tire, a jack, and a lug wrench, you should also carry a piece of 2x8 wood to act as a foundation for your jack. You also need a working flashlight in case you get your flat…

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Simple Tips to Easily Jump Start Another Car

To safely jump another car, you'll need some gloves, a good set of jumper cables, and a pair of safety glasses. Once the running car is to the nose of car needing to be jumped, turn off that motor, and the car lights as well. Put on your safety glasses and work gloves, open the hood, grab the jumper cables.

First, red cable to the positive end of the good battery. Other red to dead battery positive terminal. Black cable to negative end on the good battery. The final black cable goes on any metal frame on the car…

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