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What Do You Need When Changing a Flat Tire?

Flat tires are dangerous. Since 2008, auto manufacturers have included tire pressure sensor systems in their products. These sensors, however, are not the complete answer and will not guard you against ever having a flat tire. There are some extra items beyond the specific items used for changing tires that you should always carry, just in case of a flat.

Other than a spare tire, a jack, and a lug wrench, you should also carry a piece of 2x8 wood to act as a foundation for your jack. You also need a working flashlight in case you get your flat…

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Simple Tips to Easily Jump Start Another Car

To safely jump another car, you'll need some gloves, a good set of jumper cables, and a pair of safety glasses. Once the running car is to the nose of car needing to be jumped, turn off that motor, and the car lights as well. Put on your safety glasses and work gloves, open the hood, grab the jumper cables.

First, red cable to the positive end of the good battery. Other red to dead battery positive terminal. Black cable to negative end on the good battery. The final black cable goes on any metal frame on the car…

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Remember these Common Dashboard Warning Lights

Dashboard lights are designed to alert any issue within the system of your car. As a rule of thumb, some vehicles will show some warning lights while others will show more warning displays on startup. Luxurious cars will show warning lights accompanied by text telling what action to take. Some of the typical dashboard lights include...

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University Honda is the Obvious Choice for Davis, CA Service

There are plenty of reasons to go to a dealership over a private mechanic any day. A dealership is reputable has trained technicians and will always use the best parts instead of generic parts. If your car needs to be serviced, be sure to bring it in to us at University Honda to get it in tip-top shape.

A dealership, such as ours, will often have all parts you need for your repairs, and that means that you will get back on the road sooner. They are also authorized to work under warranty, and they are trained to work on…

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Always Be Prepared for Holiday Travels

We here at University Honda want to wish you a safe and fun holiday season and want to remind you to be careful on the road. Be sure that your vehicle is properly maintained and ready for the road-especially if you are planning to take a long trip.

Make sure that you are prepared for busy roads and leave extra time to get to your destination because of the extra traffic and the road conditions. If you are traveling with valuables be sure to keep them in the trunk or out of sight.

Don't forget to always keep a…
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The Art of Saving Money in a Civic

It doesn’t matter which of the three great Civic models you choose. From the iconic Civic Sedan to the sporty Civic Coupe and the modern Civic Hatchback, all Civic cars deliver outstanding performance capabilities on the back of an efficient engine setup that highlights the best of Honda ingenuity and engineering. The economic benefits of fuel efficiency, in particular, are seemingly straightforward. The more miles-per-gallon of driving a car does, the better it is for your budget because of reduced fuel costs. But is it just gasoline that we’re saving money on? 

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How Does the 2017 Honda Pilot Stack Up Against the Toyota Highlander?

The 2017 Honda Pilot is here, and we think it's the perfect vehicle for your family. Space, power, and safety are all primo characteristics of this year's model. But in a crowded segment, it can sometimes be tough to figure out how it compares to other vehicles. University Honda thinks it's easy to see why the Pilot is superior to the Toyota Highlander for Sacramento drivers:

  • Power: The Pilot packs 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. Standard. The standard power in the Highlander? 185 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque.
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How to Spend Less Time at the Pump

When driving, fuel efficiency is definitely something we all think about. How can you maximize your gas tank, spend less time filling up, and more time on the roads in Elk Grove, Woodland, Vacaville, and Davis? University Honda would like to offer Sacramento drivers a few tips to make your drive more fuel efficient.

  • How fast are you going? The faster you go on the highway, the more fuel your engine uses to break through the wind resistance. Try slowing down a bit.
  • What are you packing? Extra weight from cargo means your engine has to work harder to keep…
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The 2017 Honda Ridgeline is set to Star in New Digital Series

Recently, Honda announced plans to team with Adam Savage’s popular website, for a new web series. will debut new episodes of Features Not Standard which will spotlight the newly redesigned 2016 Honda Ridgeline, showcasing custom builds, unique features and add-ons.

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