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The Toothpaste Solution to Opaque Headlights

One of the things about modern cars is the use of plastic instead of glass for the headlight lens. Plastic is subject to deterioration from common road hazards. The deterioration causes the headlight lens to opaque, often in a section at a time across the entire lens. Opacity diffused light countering the reason for the headlight’s existence. Luckily enough, there is a common household rubbing compound that can handle the opacity; it’s called toothpaste.

After you clean the grime and grit from the headlight, apply toothpaste to the section that has turned opaque...

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Drive safely this winter with the proper wiper blades

If you're driving around with the same old wiper blades, you will most likely find as the weather gets colder it is harder to maintain a clear field of vision. These are just a few reasons you should consider having new winter blades installed on your vehicle.

Winter wiper blades are made of a different construction so they are less likely to rip or tear as the temperatures drop.

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Fast, Reliable and Affordable Honda Service

Finding the right mechanic isn't just about affordability. It's also about trust. That's why the team here at University Honda works to create a great relationship with all our clients. And while Honda parts and service are our specialty, we've got plenty of loyal customers who consider us their friend in the automotive business who drive vehicle's from all sorts of makes and model years.


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