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Honda Odyssey becomes first-ever minivan to feature built-in vacuum

There are two types of people who walk into our Honda car dealership in Davis, CA. First, there are the meticulously clean car-owners who keep their vehicles looking just the way they did when they drove off the lot. Then, there's the polar opposite. No need to explain. That said, our team at University Honda has good news. Our new Honda Odyssey comes complete with an available built-in vacuum, so when the peanuts and…

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Experience Technology at its Finest in the Honda Civic

Sometimes the jobs you find yourself working aren't always what you'd expect them to be. The least you can do is make the best of each situation, which is why you deserve to be driving a vehicle that makes up for having such a hectic lifestyle. We recommend the Honda Civic in the EX-L trim. When behind the wheel of this sedan, you'll have plenty of fun technology at your fingertips...

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Engine Technology has 2013 Honda Accord Drivers on Cloud Nine-- Is Civic Next?

When it comes to the 2013 Honda Accord, our Sacramento area auto enthusiasts have a tough time pinpointing what makes the top-selling sedan so great. While many argue it's its onboard technologies or its sophisticated styling or even its comfy cabin, we at University Honda see no competition. It's the heart that pumps life into the rest of the Accord's auto parts that ultimately wins over our own hearts.

Obviously we're…

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Honda Offers Ultra Efficient Model in UK

What would you think if we told you there's a new Honda vehicle out there that can get up to 65 miles to the gallon? The model isn't available in the U.S. just yet, but we're still excited about its potential at University Honda.

The Honda Civic Diesel will be available across the pond sometime in 2013, branded as the 2013 Civic i-DTEC. The more diesel-friendly market in Europe would appear…

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The Innovative new Honda i-MID System

It's not your typical dashboard component made of dials and outdated-looking front pieces; it's Japanese automaker Honda's newest technology: the Honda i-MID (Intelligent Multi-Information Display). This new system comes standard in the 2012 model Honda Civic- as well as numerous other new Honda models.

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Natural-Gas-Powered Honda Civic Continues to Get Special Treatment in Cali...For Now

The days when yellow-stickered partial-hybrid vehicles were allowed to travel with a single passenger on designated HOV areas of California state highways are over. As of July 1, yellow-sticker vehicles must meet a higher passenger quota to gain access to these highly coveted driving zones. Luckily, super-ultralow-emission vehicles, such as the natural-gas-powered Honda Civic, get a different white-colored sticker. And, all cars, including the Honda NGV, will continue to have single-passenger access to HOV areas…

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CR-Z Hybrid RR Concept

Do you know Honda makes hybrids? If not, don't worry. A lot of drivers, even Honda enthusiasts, don't. But, it's definitely something to be aware of, especially given today's steep gas prices.

There is, of course, the Insight - Honda's first hybrid vehicle, which launched in 2000. There is also a hybrid variant of the Honda Civic, which launched in 2003. The hybrid we want to focus on here, however, is…

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Honda Commits to 30-Percent Cut in Carbon Emissions

Honda has long been committed to the environment and safety and health of its drivers. In fact, it was back in the late '60s when Honda engineers first started reading about the toll pollution has on younger generations worldwide. The reports weren't pretty. Rather, they were quite terrifying.

In 1969, Honda founder, Soichiro Honda, decided to discontinue the company's participation in Formula One Racing so that they could dedicated all of their time…

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2012 Honda Civic Si Gets Bigger Engine

The all new Honda Civic, unveiled at the 2011 New York International Auto Show, is back with its two-door Civic Si sports variant.

This high-performance Si borrows a muscle-car trick to boost its performance. Si implements a 2.4-liter four cylinder engine, which one could call a "2.4 a big block" as the hot rodders would say.

It's similar to what General Motors did over 45 years ago when it placed a full-sized…

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