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What Do You Need When Changing a Flat Tire?

Flat tires are dangerous. Since 2008, auto manufacturers have included tire pressure sensor systems in their products. These sensors, however, are not the complete answer and will not guard you against ever having a flat tire. There are some extra items beyond the specific items used for changing tires that you should always carry, just in case of a flat.

Other than a spare tire, a jack, and a lug wrench, you should also carry a piece of 2x8 wood to act as a foundation for your jack. You also need a working flashlight in case you get your flat…

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Remember these Common Dashboard Warning Lights

Dashboard lights are designed to alert any issue within the system of your car. As a rule of thumb, some vehicles will show some warning lights while others will show more warning displays on startup. Luxurious cars will show warning lights accompanied by text telling what action to take. Some of the typical dashboard lights include...

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University Honda is the Obvious Choice for Davis, CA Service

There are plenty of reasons to go to a dealership over a private mechanic any day. A dealership is reputable has trained technicians and will always use the best parts instead of generic parts. If your car needs to be serviced, be sure to bring it in to us at University Honda to get it in tip-top shape.

A dealership, such as ours, will often have all parts you need for your repairs, and that means that you will get back on the road sooner. They are also authorized to work under warranty, and they are trained to work on…

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Win a New Honda Civic

What would you say, if we told you, you could win a new 2012 Honda Civic Si. You'd be totally psyched, right? The Civic is, after all, an award-winning car valued at over $20,000.

Well, you can win a new Civic Si. And, University Honda is going to tell how: via the Honda Civic Austin City Limits Giveaway.  Open through September 18, the sweepstakes permits one entry per person.

Three Ways to Enter…

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Tweaking the Honda Fit

University Honda in Sacramento recommends checking out the Honda model that has been a best seller across the globe. From Japan to nations across Europe and the United States, Honda Fit is the company's top selling vehicle in its class.

The 2012 Fit, which hits dealerships this year, will receive updates to both its interior and exterior, though you'll have to look pretty hard to figure out what's different from previous versions…

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Natural-Gas-Powered Honda Civic Continues to Get Special Treatment in Cali...For Now

The days when yellow-stickered partial-hybrid vehicles were allowed to travel with a single passenger on designated HOV areas of California state highways are over. As of July 1, yellow-sticker vehicles must meet a higher passenger quota to gain access to these highly coveted driving zones. Luckily, super-ultralow-emission vehicles, such as the natural-gas-powered Honda Civic, get a different white-colored sticker. And, all cars, including the Honda NGV, will continue to have single-passenger access to HOV areas…

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CR-Z Hybrid RR Concept

Do you know Honda makes hybrids? If not, don't worry. A lot of drivers, even Honda enthusiasts, don't. But, it's definitely something to be aware of, especially given today's steep gas prices.

There is, of course, the Insight - Honda's first hybrid vehicle, which launched in 2000. There is also a hybrid variant of the Honda Civic, which launched in 2003. The hybrid we want to focus on here, however, is…

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Honda Commits to 30-Percent Cut in Carbon Emissions

Honda has long been committed to the environment and safety and health of its drivers. In fact, it was back in the late '60s when Honda engineers first started reading about the toll pollution has on younger generations worldwide. The reports weren't pretty. Rather, they were quite terrifying.

In 1969, Honda founder, Soichiro Honda, decided to discontinue the company's participation in Formula One Racing so that they could dedicated all of their time…

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2012 Honda Civic EX-L

Available for a test drive soon at University Honda in Sacramento, CA, the Honda Civic EX-L adds some interesting features to the base model.

It's a little more aerodynamic than before, but there is no mistaking the Civic. One of the Japanese auto maker's best selling cars of all time has been slightly redesigned for 2012. In the end, we know it's a Civic, and it will never disappoint.

With their DX…

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Honda Odyssey Earns "Ultimate Minivan" Designation

In their first-ever Ultimate Minivan Shootout,, an online resource for new and used car buyers, recently assessed six redesigned 2011 minivans priced at under $45,000. Together with USA Today, Motorweek, and an Atlanta-area family of five, put all of the contending minivans head to head in a series of rigorous challenges. The evaluation lasted a total of three days.

The first day comprised of a 175-mile stretch of highway driving…

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