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Performance of Car Batteries Under Extreme Conditions

The typical automotive battery has a theoretical rating of 12 Volts. In the real world, several factors prevent the battery from performing at optimum levels. Hot and cold temperatures drastically reduce the capability of a battery to generate the desired amount of electrical current.

The cold cranking amps (CCA) is a parameter that's perhaps more important than the actual voltage rating. 

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What Do You Need When Changing a Flat Tire?

Flat tires are dangerous. Since 2008, auto manufacturers have included tire pressure sensor systems in their products. These sensors, however, are not the complete answer and will not guard you against ever having a flat tire. There are some extra items beyond the specific items used for changing tires that you should always carry, just in case of a flat.

Other than a spare tire, a jack, and a lug wrench, you should also carry a piece of 2x8 wood to act as a foundation for your jack. You also need a working flashlight in case you get your flat…

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Simple Tips to Easily Jump Start Another Car

To safely jump another car, you'll need some gloves, a good set of jumper cables, and a pair of safety glasses. Once the running car is to the nose of car needing to be jumped, turn off that motor, and the car lights as well. Put on your safety glasses and work gloves, open the hood, grab the jumper cables.

First, red cable to the positive end of the good battery. Other red to dead battery positive terminal. Black cable to negative end on the good battery. The final black cable goes on any metal frame on the car…

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Remember these Common Dashboard Warning Lights

Dashboard lights are designed to alert any issue within the system of your car. As a rule of thumb, some vehicles will show some warning lights while others will show more warning displays on startup. Luxurious cars will show warning lights accompanied by text telling what action to take. Some of the typical dashboard lights include...

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